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Personal and Focused Care for Your Beloved Pet
"Established in 2004, with over 35 years experience caring for your Pets..."

Happy Pet Owner Testimonials
"Thanks Steve. It's been fantastic working with you the last 4 years. Yes Riley is 4.5 already. I have never once worried about him and knew he was in the best hands
We will definitely keep in touch. Once we get home with the baby and figure out our schedule.

All the best T. G."

"I have used this service for the past 5-6 years when my wife and I have traveled. More specifically, Stephen cared for my dogs and cats while they remained in my home while we were away for as long as 2 weeks. He visited my home in Springfield 2-3 times daily to let the animals out and feed them as needed. One of my dogs has some behavioral issues and Stephen was able to handle him without any difficulty.

I am fully confident in Stephen's responsibility and caring for my animals and would not trust anyone else with the job. He is reliable and honest BG."

"Steve Berkelhammer is truly a gift to our dogs and us. We have complete peace of mind when they are in his care. We have entrusted our dogs with Steve for the past 4 years and he provides both daily walks and stays at our home when we travel.

Steve`s experience with animals is invaluable. Each of our dogs has different needs and he knows how to tend to them individually. He is kind and sensitive to dogs and humans alike and he is reliable without question.
We are available to speak with anyone who would like to know about the quality of Steve`s work.

Sincerely, Linda, Susan , Sweetie and Tommy"

"It is with pleasure I write this reccomendation. Steve Berkelhammer has been our dogs' walker for three years. Steve is loved by our dogs and completely reliable. He is very resposible with everything concerning the dogs - be it medecine, feeding, and making sure they get a good long walk - as well as being very responsible with our house, alarm, lights, etc. We have relied on him to take care of our dogs on a daily basis, but also have hired him to take care of them while we have been away on vacation. I look forward to using his services for many years to come!

Phyllis & Daniel "

"Stephen is a highly motivated extremely competent animal care professional who loves animals and who is dedicated to their good health and well being.Stephen with his father Doctor Albert M. Berkelhammer VMD provided outstandingcare for our family`s pets for over 30 years. Doctor Berkelhammer had been our entire family`s Veterinarian for over 54 years.
Stephen possesses a deep sincere love, compassion, devotion and caring for animals. Stephen provides boarding care for our family pets. We board our two dogs with Stephen frequently as we travel on vacation or on business.
As a matter of fact several of our pets were given to us by Stephen and Doctor Berkelhammer. These were either pets that were abandoned by their owners or rescued by Stephen from people who did not take proper care of them.
I highly recommend Stephen to take care for and board animals. He can be depended on To provide your pet the highest quality care. I`ll be glad to discuss with anyone my recommendation for Stephen."

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